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Industrial Valves

Valves For Industrial Application

Manual Operated Valves

Gate valve, Globe valve, Ball valve, Wafer ball valve, Wafer butterfly valve, Sluice valve, Needle isolation valve, non return valve, angle check valve, wafer check valve, steam stop valve, diapraghm valve, butterfly valve, gas approved valves, and ammonia valves etc..

Actuated Valves

Ball valve, solenoid valve, control valve and all special application valve

Other Valves And Accessories

Steam traps, thermodynamic, inverted bucket, bimetallic, pressure reducing, safety relief valve, y strainers, water level indicator, float valve, fusible plugs etc.. Material available in cast iron, cast steel, gun metal, bronze, SS304, SS316, SS316L and other special materials such as monel, Inconel, hastealloy, titanium etc..