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Pneumatics & Hydraulics


Air Preperation

FRL units, air filters, regulators, lubricants, combinations, moisture seperators, mistlubricators All above are available in various sizes. Multiple filterations for suitable application.

Control And Movement


Various application cylinders available like short stroke, compact and miniature slim cylinders, heavy duty and hydraulic cylinders


Flow control valve, check valve, throttle valve, quick exhaust valve, manual push pull valve, piolet valve, solenoid valve, explosion proof solenoid valve, hand operated valve, quick relase valve, foot operated valve etc..

Connection And Tubing

One touch PU fitting, two touch PU fitting, compression fittings and flair fitting. PU tubing,PE tubing, nylon tubing, silicon tubing,PTFE tubing, copper tubing low pressure hoses etc..



Flaireless Bite Type Fittings, Ermeto Type Fittings – In Cs, Ss And Brass

Tube And Pipes

Seamless , Schedule And Erw In Cs And Ss304,ss316 And Ss316l


High Pressure Hoses In Rubber And Stainless Steel In Customized End Connection And Various Sizes

Air Preparation


Inline filters, tank top, tank immersed and return line filters.

Strainers And Filters

Available in various lengths and connections


Level gauge, diffuser, magnetic tank cleaner


Check Valve

Threaded, polet operated, sandwich plate and shuffle valve.

Direction Control Valve

Hand operated, electro hydraulic operated.

Flow Control Valve

Direct, piolet, dolenoid, pressure sequence, pressure reducing valves Catridge Valve: Manifolds, gauge isolators etc..