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Pressure and Temperature

Pressure Measuring Instruments

Analog Pressure Measuring Instruments

Standard series, all stainless steel, liquid filled, safety pattern, square edge, phenolic case, pecision, diaphragm chemical seals, low pressure capsules, alarm contacts, differential, high purity and other customized designs.

Pressure And Differntial Pressure Switches

Suitable for most industrial applications, available inIP65 and Exed versions for hazardous enviornments. Switches are available in both indicating and blind version

Temperature Measuring Instruments

Mechanical Temprature Instruments

Standard series, all stainless steel, liquid filles, remote reading, gas filled, variable angle, v line, alarm contacts pyrometer, glass thermometers, chart recorders and other special temperature gauges tailor made to suit the customers.

Electronic Temprature Instruments

Temprature transmitters for different applications available with various outputs 4-20mA, 0-10VDC etc smart transmitters available with HART/PROFIBUS/CAN/FIELDBUS outputs. Available in various combinations and enclosures for hazardous enviornments (Eexd) , digital thermometers, hygrometers, weather stations, temperature loggers and infrared thermometer

Temprature Switches And Thermostats

Suitable for most industrial and HVAC applications and various combnations and enclosures for hazardous enviornments (Eexd). Switched available in blind and indicating versions and with SDPT and DPDT contacts