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Pressure and Temperature

Pressure Measuring Instruments

Analog Pressure Measuring Instruments "Raytek"

Standard series, all stainless steel, liquid filled, safety pattern, square edge, phenolic case, pecision, diaphragm chemical seals, low pressure capsules, alarm contacts, differential, high purity and other customized designs.

Danfoss Pressure Switch

MP 54 and MP 55 oil differential pressure
switches are used as safety switches to protect
refrigeration compressors against low lubricating
oil pressure.
If the oil pressure fails, the oil differential pressure
switch stops the compressor after a certain time
MP 54 and MP 55 are used in refrigerating
systems using HCFC and non-flammable HFC
MP 55A is used in refrigerating systems with
R717. MP 55A can also be used in systems with
HCFC and non-flammable HFC refrigerants.
MP 54 has a fixed differential pressure setting.
It also incorporates a thermal time relay with a
fixed release time setting.
MP 55 and MP 55A have adjustable differential
pressure and are available both with and without
thermal time relay.

Temperature Measuring Instruments


We offer high-performance pressure and temperature measurement products such as controllers, calibrators, transducers and transmitters for a wide range of applications. The simple yet sophisticated design and concept combines,for the first time,an advanced electrical calibrator with state-of-the-art pressure measurement and generation,so that there is no longer any need to compromise one measurand capability in favour of another.
Digital Pressure Gauge
The DPI 104 is a microprocessor-controlled digital pressure gauge that combines precision and functionality in a compact, robust and simple-to-use package. The DPI 104 matches advanced silicon sensor technology with several convenient design features resulting in an accurate, versatile yet affordable digital test gauge. Supplied as a stand-alone process indicator or in a kit with the widely proven Druck hand pumps, the DPI 104 provides are liable and economic solution for a wide range of pressure sensing applications.
Pressure Indicator & Controller
Designing and manufacturing high-performance pressure transducers and transmitters for a wide range of applications, GE has one of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced silicon processing facilities in the world. GE is one of only a few companies converting raw silicon into finished products by employing techniques such as micro machining. Multi-disciplined engineering teams are experienced in the use of hybrids, ASICs, microprocessors, and surface-mount technology.
Pressure & Temperature Switches
The DPS 4000 Series is a state of the art range of digital output pressure transducers featuring a CANbus serial communications interface. Fully temperature corrected pressure readings are output as a digital word in any one of 24 engineering units, requiring no user system set-up or calibration. The integral digital electronics enhance performance to levels unmatched by traditional analog transducers.


Ranges from 5 psi to 1000 psi (350 mbar to 70 bar)
High accuracy over wide temperature range
Full CAN version 2.0 B
CANopen protocol
Input/output isolation
Device self-checking and diagnostics
Smart Pressure & Temperature Transmitter
UE pressure switches, pressure transducers and pressure transmitters, and temperature switches and temperature sensors are designed for rugged, industrial environments.

Mechanical switch products utilize bellows, diaphragm or piston sensors to detect changes in process variables. These changes cause the sensor to deflect and operate a snap-action electrical switch. Enclosure designs range from cost-effective skeletons to cast aluminum or stainless steel. Our line of electronic pressure switches and electronic temperature switches combines self-diagnostics and digital electronics to provide 2-wire and loop powered instruments ideal for hazardous location plant upgrades. These solid-state switches provide 100% programmability for the set point and deadband while combining the gauge, switch and transmitter functions for extremely high reliability in safety instrumented systems (SIS) applications.
Gauge, absolute, differential pressure and level transmitters
Output: 4-20mA and Hart® protocols
Power supply: 10.5 to 45 Vcc
Wetted parts materials: Stainless Steel 316L, Hastelloy, Tantalum,
Burnout according NAMUR NE43 recommendation
100 : 1 range depending on the maximum span
Long term stability: ± 0.1% of max. span/10 years